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The Job CommunicatorCurriculum CHATCompanies can talk to you in real time! Stay tuned! Let your application always connected and active. You will receive notifications whenever a company try to contact you. Check the history of your conversations whenever you want.
JobsSearch Jobs: job description, location, company name or keyword. Search and apply as you like.Alerts: Be notified of new posts in your profile. The system creates automatic filters, but you can also create your own filters.
InvitationsCompanies can seek your profile and send invitations to know if you are interested in participating in selection processes. You can monitor incoming calls and answer if you are interested or not to participate.
MPS - Selective Process MonitoringMonitor and track the progress of the selection processes in which you are participating. Know the status of the process, the position of your resume and your classification by the company, the total of participants, and more!
ArticlesFollow our articles and stay on top of the tips and guidelines that will help you in your career replacement!